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Personal style needs personal service.

Highstreet Stylist was setup in 2017 to show women that you don't need to shop at high-end designer brands to look and feel amazing and that personal styling and shopping definitely doesn't need to be scary or intimidating. Often people think it's 'not for them' and best left to celebrities or people who earn big salaries, but I'm out to prove that couldn't be further from the truth.

I know how it feels to lose yourself a bit to motherhood - which is why I wanted to do something that would be fuelled by my passion, not just a job to pay the bills. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing women shine at the end of a session, and rediscovering their individual style and love for clothes - and more importantly themselves.

I want to make you fall in love with shopping again and rediscover your own personal style!




Based in East Sussex, I offer the following services within a 20 mile radius of TN21. However, I may be able to travel slightly further at an additional cost - please contact me before booking to check availability in your location.


Wardrobe Detox

Got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Bring a new lease of life to the clothes you already have with my Wardrobe Detox service.

I will take a look with you at what you have in your wardrobe - down to accessories and shoes, and identify any gaps for the season, and help you to discard anything you would no longer wear or items that don’t suit your current lifestyle or style personality. 

2 hour appointment

Includes a body shape analysis and colour matching.

We will go through your wardrobe and talk about certain items you may have trouble styling, look at the colours you have and how suited they are to your personal palette.

Your wardrobe can then be reorganised into categories by item, colour and season, and advice given on storage and accessibility.

Refresh your existing clothes by discovering new ways to mix and match them.


Personal Shopping

My personal shopping services run from Bluewater or Brighton. 

We will discuss your requirements before-hand, figure out a budget and what it is you are looking for - whether that is a capsule wardrobe for the season, a few items to add to your existing wardrobe, or a complete change of style!

A wardrobe detox is recommended prior to this service, but not essential. 

3 hour appointment

If there has been no wardrobe detox prior to a personal shop, I will have a quick chat with you to discuss your preferences, favourite brands and budget, and send over a brief questionnaire which will provide me with a more informed picture of you and your requirements.

We will start with a coffee (on me!) and chat about the shops and items we will be focusing on.

I do not work on any commissions, so you can be assured the clothes recommended are done so because they suit you - not me. 

£145 / £155

Styling at Home

Bringing personal shopping to your home! This service is perfect for busy mums who may not have the free time to dedicate to a personal shop.

I will hunt down the items for you in store and online, and bring them straight to your door. Help you to style them, and mix and match with existing items in your wardrobe.

A wardrobe detox is recommended prior to this service, but not essential. 

2 hour appointment

You pay for the items you keep, and the items you don’t I will return for you free of charge - I keep any online delivery charges to a minimum or free where possible! 

Includes shoes, accessories, bags - anything we may have previously discussed as your requirements in the Wardrobe Detox, or prior to the appointment. No commissions, just the clothes that suit you best.

I will focus on styles that suit your body shape, lifestyle and work with you to discover your perfect colours. 


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